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i tried to do my own gender reveal but all that was revealed was anger

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hey it's me your cool aunt who smells of moss and incense

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"This child does not answer when asked by a total stranger what some pictures are."

And here I thought we didn't want kids talking to strangers? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also maybe he doesn't care about the pictures and that's okay.

"This child has severe difficulty with social interaction."

Idk he does fine at home and in his community with people he knows and trusts... maybe he doesn't care about you. Just a thought lol.

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neurotype/medical thoughts 

Is it just me, or are developmental tests more like obedience tests than actual tests of function?

only you can make computers not suck. and it actually takes effort. that's why programming is hard

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that's it I'm turning myself in to horny jail

Aisle 390, Shelf 5, Object AB:3E:1D:F7:1C:AC

A first-generation iPod. What's that doing here?

You want it. More than you have ever wanted anything. Despite the visible security cameras, you are strongly considering stealing it.

this post has definitely been made before im sorry 

i put the pro in procrastination

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A driver attacked a BLM protest with a car in Johnson City, Tennessee, last night, breaking the leg of one protester when he was struck.

If you can afford to kick in a few dollars, please consider donating to help with the cost of medical care.


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