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The city kept being like "we need libraries to open so homeless people have somewhere to go :(" and I'm like the Philadelphia Housing Authority is sitting on twice as many empty homes as there are unhoused people hey idk maybe that's somewhere they can go like I'm happy to also have them in the library they're wonderful members of our community I just feel like housing will give them somewhere to be that doesn't close at 5pm

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Wildfires, good news 

hey does anyone know where i can get a 5 prong screwdriver that works on 2013 era macbooks?

i love how portable java is. i can fill it up at the counter and drink it at my desk

Actual picture of me on Mastodon
(2020, colorized)

thx yexr xs 20xx. thx x’s hxve takxn ovxr. xt xs xnly x mxttxr xf txme xntxl x xx xxxxxx

my posting hovel is actually directly between a cute girl's legs

i keep coming back to this thing andrew hussie said once, which is that basically storytelling to him is just doing whatever seems cool in his head

i really dig that, and i wanna do it too eventually

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selfie, almost ec, boosts ok 

can these games about killing nazis please stop waving around that american flag

Word to the wise, I really don't advise going on the "explore" section on AI Dungeon, at all.

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Took one look on the "explore" section on AI Dungeon and in between stuff obviously written by 12-year-olds I managed to find a published adventure in which Max Stirner feminizes Karl Marx and that seems exactly like the sort of thing I should have expected

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