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selfie ec 🦈 

i'm radically soft and ready to be gay do crime

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*baps u* *baps u* *baps u* *baps u* *baps u* *baps u* *baps u* *baps u*

this is the sweaty moshers club. only sweaty moshers allowed

There are so many tiny problems with my physical form. I would like a replacement please

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scavenging over the drought-parched timeline, breaking into old, sunbleached posts with my beak to consume the toot marrow within

forcibly ejected from anprim land for reading anprim theory

Elon Musk digs a highly unsafe tunnel under a city and gets called a genius. I dig a highly unsafe tunnel under a city and get arrested for drug smuggling. Shit ain't fair.

"Chosen name" it's their name shut up

"Preferred pronouns" actually they're mandatory

Fuckin cis people man

trick question, branding a product as an "experience" is like branding a gig economy position as "flexible", capitalist bullshittery to inflate exchange value

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selfie ec 

yess its ash on a train !!!

my brain is ceasing to be able to sustain thought beyond "lady hot", I hope this final message finds you well

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