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women only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting

Adding "gate" to the end of something as shorthand for a conspiracy or scandal has completely lost any meaning.

timeline moved but its fine i wanted to boost that anyway

oh my gods oh my gods oh my gODS the mage & demon queen update im sO GAY

its almost as if viewing asking for help or support from someone and as taking advantage of that person is a bad thing and actually appears to be a way of disincentivising mutual aid

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thinking about the detriments of viewing all social support and interaction as transactional and how thats been drilled into my head since birth

basically the whole concept of "deserving help" is bullshit imo, if you say you need help, you need help period and no one has any right to tell you youre being lazy or faking it or whatever

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linux tech tip

need to play audio on your iphone but it doesn't have a headphone jack?
simply pair your iphone and Linux computer with bluetooth in the bluetooth settings, and plug in headphones to the computer. you will immediately receive audio playing on the phone repeated to your computer

you can't make it shut the fuck up. there is no way as a participant to make it stop making noise. every additional window it opens comes right to the front of your desktop. when the host shares their screen, it immediately fullscreens. Zoom's functionality is a poignant manifestation of how digital work invades your personal life

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music recs 

this week's chart so far is peak viviennecore,,

selfie, ec, boosts ok 

what's up yall my hair is purple now :3


im really sorry to do this would anyone be able to spare $10 so i can go to therapy tomorrow?

Mario petitioning for the legalization of psilocybin: The onlya thing that stop a bada guy with a gun is a gooda guy with a mushroom! Wahoo! Let’s a go!

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