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girls go to venus to get bigger penis

metallica getting their twitch performance muted to avoid the copyright laws they helped introduce is just :blobcatjustright:

help a black grandma get the rest she deserves! "She raised my sister and I when our parents could not and has just been an angel in my life. We lost my mom, her daughter, this year and it's been really hard on her. I'm asking for funds to help remodel her bedroom. She's been sleeping in a recliner in her living room for two years due to water damage and black mold in her room."

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hey everyone i finally finished my new album n i really hope yall enjoy it !!! any amount of support or kind words are appreciated :black_sparkling_heart_black: :black_sparkling_heart_black:

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Guitarist Barry Finnerty on the period of time leading up to The Brecker Brothers' "Heavy Metal Be-Bop" performances:

I had made a little extra money dealing weed that year, so I plowed all of it into having a new axe put together, the "Guitorganizer". It was a combination of a Black Beauty Les Paul (reissue), a B3 organ-like tone generator that was triggered by wired frets and went through a Leslie speaker, interfaced with an Arp Odyssey monophonic synthesizer, which went through its own separate amplifier. It made one ungodly racket, I can assure you! We did the first Heavy Metal Bebop tour just as a five-piece...with Mike and Randy both playing their horns through every new-fangled electronic effect then available and two massive Sunn amps! That was one high-energy aggravation of musicians!

When your friend who uses it/its wants to steal the mars rover but it knows how difficult that is so you wanna reassure and encourage it: it's gonna take perseverance

i don't have a caption i just feel alright today despite being very busy

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I’m going the fuck to sleep lmao people really go online and say whatever they want

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mainstream queer representation is like "here's a gay character but he's totally normal and respectable so we can show how totally progressive we are!!! see, he's sex-negative and he's monogamous and he's even a cop!!! we're totally putting gay people in a positive light instead of showing a GROSS gay person"

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