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here's my transition timeline!

left : -9mo hrt
right : +3mo hrt

I wish every

websites that don't let you delete your accounts by yourself

a very

delete my account

simone de beauvoir was ridiculously smarter than sartre and camus combined but she kept hanging out with them because she liked that dick and honestly who can really blame her

It really sucks that, at the university level, every "introduction to trans theory" is just telling people to read Judith Butler, a difficult and sophisticated philosopher, when what most cis people need is like, an image book with simple sentences in big letters with colourful drawings

Husband. Father. Happy Amazon employee. It was the perfect life... until...

if you've ever been in the United States Army that should be a source of intense shame that you feel the need to atone for, in my imo

Apparently jolyne’s VA wanted to be a jojo VA her whole life and it’s why she got into voice acting :’)

if you feel sir or ma'am or other gendered honorifics are key to you knowing someone is paying respect, you have a fragile and antiquated ego

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hating america is a good thing. when you hate america, you are in good company.

USB C is revolutionizing how we connect devices in the modern era

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ok so im unemployed, definitely unable to work, probably already in debt and idk how long my savings will last for things other than rent. i feel like it's starting to look like having something like a patreon and maybe actually making some sort of regular content thing is going to have to be the way forward at least for a while. i feel shitty asking for others to finance my life, but i really don't see any other way rn.

i cant go on unemployment, cause that literally destroys and breaks me in less than a month, and ending up on social security would mean i immediately lose this apartment and would also make me depressed too. its like a year until ill start to get disability money and i also can't feasibly move away. so yea, that's really the only option i see.

is this even feasible? like idk i feel like im just pretty much doomed already.

(also to be clear, this doesn't have /anything/ to do with my legal situation, i was gonna end up at this point anyways, i am totally unable to work and was about to lose my last job again anyways.)

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