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In some major news, I will be doing a stream with John Romero (yes, one of the legendary creators of DOOM!) Friday 11 AM Pacific time in an indigenous devs panel.
Yeah that guy!

*sobbing uncontrollably, spraying discord with a spray bottle* pllease just fuckign be normal

hush now, my little pogchamp. tell me all about it in the discord

i don't want MENTAL HEALTH all i want in life is for a WOMAN TO HUG ME SO HARD I DIE

if you think you have a crush on me you dont, you are simply attracted to the extremely cool and sexy aura i exude on this webbed site due to my absolutely flawless posting

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pros of being my gf include:
-im very gay and affectionate and will give you plenty of attention

cons of being my gf include:
-existential crises every morning
-i am a trash garbage gremlin
- :PleadingFace:
-i am unable to get out of bed most days
-and so much more !

Ah the CIA is saying China is the number one polluter now even though most studies say it us the US military...

clipping through the wall to drop out of the college area and instantly getting wrongwarped to the end screen

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i think people might be gay for each other on this webbed site

adding saphie's phone to the victims of communism memorial foundation

the sears tower is 1,453 feet tall. when it was built, americans were nowhere near that tall so there's no way they could have reached those girders up there. therefore aliens

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