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Wherein one of the developers of Dance Dance Revolution offers to release a baremetal c graphics library he developed for the game and ported to the pi

Wherein said developer drops the code

very, very happy with pinboard, is totally worth the subscription fee

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Illustrated Haiku #134!
Ergh, I keep putting off getting prints done of some of these to sell/setting up an online shop specifically for this. Or a patreon.
#mastoart #art

(woman screaming)
(glass shattering)
(car screeching)
(jorts tearing)

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hey I hadn't seen that and it's pretty old but demonstrates how to make lethal weapons from airport store stuff

then you get to spend a few seconds asking yourself, "did i really want to visit this site?" before closing the tab.

turning off javascript is great because it turns every site with a loading screen into just the loading screen

You can identify an alpha male by the way he glitches out, crashes, and spontaneously deletes your files.

Beta does less of that, but can be distinguished by sloppy or unprofessional presentation.

Honestly better to wait for a stable release.

Me: That's terrible! When it comes to the French language, I don't have any windmill to fight anymore.

You: Þ used to be a thing in English.

Me: OK, so English is now my new moþer tongue and we are going to reintroduce þat!

well, looks like Mastodon has found þe hot new meme of þe moment

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