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down with cryptocurrency up with cryptic currency. gotta solve three riddles and infiltrate a secret society to pay for your burrito

@kai by far the best ‘submit’ button i’ve ever seen was on games journalism site rock, paper, shotgun. it read ‘opinion, ahoy!’

Let me explain NXDOMAIN hijacking:

Say for example, you mistype a domain in your browser's URL bar, normally it would give you 'name not found' or similar error message or depending on how smart your browser is, redirect to a user configured search engine.

With NXDOMAIN hijacking, that typo would result in you landing on a search page provided by your ISP with ads on it which they make money from.

I have said it before but I consider NXDOMAIN hijacking a violation of the trust between an ISP and it's customers.

These ISPs are taking advantage of their customer base to make a few more bucks from them.

A customer base where the majority doesn't know how to run their own recursor or how to change to a different DNS provider, and I argue they don't have to, that's what they are paying you for.


I was not a fan of "TOOT!" because it seemed unprofessional.

But now seeing "POST!" on Pleroma, it feels so…clinical…🤔

hey furrys lets make these caches go swoosh at the speed of fuck

( • ▽ •)
/ >🌸 For u!

( • ▽ •)
🌸 < \ Eh.. Don't like?

( • w •)
/ >🌹 Rose?

( - _ -)
/ >🌹 Eh...also this?

( • ▽ •)
/ >🌻 How abt this?

( • _ •) Still dont like?
/ >🌻

(( > _<))
/ >❤ Then this one???

a fun game to play, "how many followers can i lose by shitposting when i'm incredibly tired" send post

It's April 15th in New England and there's snow on the ground outside my window
(Or hail?)

"Spring ":mystery:

If mentioned, it tends to be in caustic, mocking terms, as something of interest chiefly to envious or deficient souls, or else the status is interpreted in an economic sense alone. And yet this second love story is no less intense than the first, it is no less complicated, important or universal, & its setbacks are no less painful. There is heartbreak here too. - alain de Botton

Every adult life could be said to be defined by two great love stories. The first - the story of our quest for sexual love - is well known & well charted, its vagaries form the staple of music & literature, it is socially accepted & celebrated. The second - the story of our quest for love from the world - is a more secret and shameful take.

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