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The head of my University has emailed all of us a poem about a frog during these trying times

peter landin, who brought the lambda calculus to programming languages and essentially invented the family of languages including ML and Haskell in his "The next 700 programming languages" paper. who coined/came up with python-like off-sides rule and the term "syntactic sugar"

and of course, namesake of the landin's knot, which i am procrastinating implementing by looking him up

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doing voice training classes. not to sound more like a girl but to sound more like an animal crossing character

So we haven't yelling about it yet, but poljar has been making good progress on an official #rust Matrix SDK over at - and thanks to incorporating olm-rs from jhaye in the Fractal community, it just decrypted its first ever E2EE msg!! Watch this space...🦀

@er1n He absolutely fucks piles of bells because what else do you do with them

@er1n he’s horny but nobody will fuck him bcs he’s landlord scum (but tommy fucks)

some of you don't have an antique sword in your possession as a family heirloom to represent the undying will of your insane demigod great great grandfather responsible for slaughtering millions and it shows

does tom nook fuck? very important question. many people need to know the answer

man harris county (houston) is trip-ballin’ if they think real estate is an “essential service”, looooll

no simping the real estate brokers, all of whom actually deserve the guillotine

eight weeks from now i'm gonna strut out of quarantine with a set of big stone tablets reading "chips are just savory cereal"

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plying my brain with allergy meds and coffee until the forbidden revelations spring forth

Firefox 74 re-introduces outdated TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 due to current pandemic:

"We reverted the change for an undetermined amount of time to better enable access to critical government sites sharing COVID19 information."

Context: TLS versions older than 1.2 are considered insecure and were disabled in Firefox 74. The long-term goal is to completely remove outdated TLS from all current web browsers.

#firefox #tls #tls10 tls11 #firefox74

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