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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Latinx, is in fact, GNU/Latinx, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Latinx.

thinkin about....... ladies' collarbones...........

*dabs* nyaaaa ur so poggie woggies broooooo (♥><)

uwu pwease buy my mewsics so i can pay fow gwocewies uwu uwu uwu

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i think the best way to get ppl to listen to my music is to do it in uwu voice

Fire your boss

Ground your parents

Arrest the cops

hey, Europeans, don't forget we have concentration camps too. migrant camps, immigration detention centres, they're all over the place here

The thing about this genocidal mass sterilization campaign is that it’s probably legal. Buck v. Bell is still on the books, and many states never repealed their forced sterilization laws. It’s horrifying. Plus, a hysterectomy is no pap smear. It’s not a simple medical procedure. This requires the active complicity of legions of medical personnel. Anesthesiologists, nurses, surgeons... the mind boggles.

Has anyone tried giving the cops a 🅱epsi yet? That might work

*tips hat* with that good mastodoner you have earned my follow, good posting!

resonating with the homosexual frequencies in the quantum foam, man

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@setup latinX is the new apple product didn’t you hear about it?! following the iphoneX comes latinX

The fetishes were already here, they just weren't evenly distributed yet

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