@er1n man honestly I wonder how much CG research into rendering directly in spaces that are NOT "linear RGB" or "linear HDR RGB" (or "bad and wrong")

@er1n my first instinct to this post is fuck off, HZD looked fine

but then I realized I don't even know what the hell tonemaps are and my eye is untrained for these details

@staticsafe yeah HZD is.... it's a STYLE, but it's not 'good rendering'

@er1n I did enjoy the style if I'm being honest

though I don't have a HDR capable screen, played it on one my Dell U2414Hs so I wonder if I didn't get the full brunt of the effects

@staticsafe @er1n yeah........ i think there really is a place for "this is a totally legitimate effect, and a totally fine thing to want sometimes, but you should be doing it on *purpose*"?

( see also, like, my audiophile / instrument amplifier / things take.

which, tl;dr: "yo, seriously, that is *100%* a rendering artifact, but, like, it [ looks | sounds ] dope! 's a good effect! you should add more of it!" )

@er1n oh right. thanks for the reminder.

-> adds clamping to smooth and csmooth. v_v

@er1n naw; it was actually a thing i'd been meaning to do and then forgot about.

but also. god. csmooth + uvmap is such a good stack. ( that is, like, why smooth/csmooth exist, but still.... )

@gdkar ugh i haven't pulled master in like a week
there's a ton of changes :p

@er1n that part is *not my fault.*

( uh, the gh-pages branch now includes previews / renders, i think. )

@gdkar I think @er1n can just avoid syncing that branch, though.
What project are you talking about?

@kellerfuchs @er1n yeah. could also in theory use git-annex or something, probably, but..... eh. 🤷

@kellerfuchs @gdkar {gitlab, bitbucket, gogs} also support it, off the top of my head

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